Atebrin Definition



An acridine derivative formerly widely used as an antimalarial but superseded by chloroquine in recent years. It has also been used as an anthelmintic and in the treatment of giardiasis and malignant effusions. It is used in cell biological experiments as an inhibitor of phospholipase A2.

Synonym: atabrine, acrichine, quinacrine hydrochloride, quinacrine dimesylate, quinacrine dihydrochloride, mepacrine, quinacrine monomesylate, quinacrine monohydrochloride, quinacrine monoacetate, quinacrine, dihydrate quinacrine dihydrochloride, (s)-isomer quinacrine dihyrochloride, (s)-isomer quinacrine, (r)-isomer quinacrine dihyrochloride, (r)-isomer quinacrine, (+-)-isomer quinacrine.