Bordetella Pertussis Toxins Definition


Bordetella Pertussis Toxins:

Any of various biologically active proteins or toxins elaborated by Bordetella pertussis that cause the symptoms of whooping cough. Some activate pancreatic islets, others inhibit the adenylate cyclase cascade and some cause lymphocytosis.

Synonym: pertussis agglutinins, bordetella pertussis agglutinogen 2, adenylate cyclase toxin, lymphocytosis promoting factor hemagglutinin, lymphocytosis promoting factor, lp ha, lfp hemagglutinin, leukocytosis-promoting factor hemagglutinin, islets activating protein, islet activating protein, iap pertussis toxin, histamine sensitizing factor, bordetella adenylate cyclase toxin, pertussis toxin, pertussigen.