Medical Conditions Terminology in Category I


Iduronic Acid

Component of dermatan sulfate. Differs in configuration from glucuronic acid only at the C-5 position.

Ideational Agnosia

Loss of the ability to comprehend the meaning or recognize the importance of various forms of stimulation that cannot be attributed to impairment of a primary sensory modality. Tactile agnosia is characterized by an inability to perceive the shape and nature of an object by touch alone, despite unimpaired sensation to light touch, position, and other primary sensory modalities.

Icelandic Type Amyloidosis

A familial condition marked by the deposition of AMYLOID in the walls of small blood vessels in the cerebral cortex and meninges and characterized clinically by cerebral ischemia (see BRAIN ISCHEMIA), CEREBRAL INFARCTION, and CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE..


Ibotenic Acid

A neurotoxic isoxazole (similar to KAINIC ACID and MUSCIMOL) found in AMANITA mushrooms. It causes motor depression, ataxia, and changes in mood, perceptions and feelings, and is a potent excitatory amino acid agonist.

Illegal Abortion

Illegal termination of pregnancy.

Immune Adherence Reaction

A method for the detection of very small quantities of antibody in which the antigen-antibody-complement complex adheres to indicator cells, usually primate erythrocytes or nonprimate blood platelets. The reaction is dependent on the number of bound C3 molecules on the C3b receptor sites of the indicator cell.

Immunoglobulin Allotype

Hereditary serologic types based on antigenic differences in the light and heavy chains of immunoglobulins due to allelic genes in the gene loci coding the chains. The Inv system applies to the kappa light chains, the Gm system applies to the heavy chains of IMMUNOGLOBULIN G.

Immunoglobulin Alterations

Glycoproteins present in the blood (ANTIBODIES) and in other tissue. They are classified by structure and activity into five classes (IMMUNOGLOBULIN A; IMMUNOGLOBULIN D; IMMUNOGLOBULIN E; IMMUNOGLOBULIN G; IMMUNOGLOBULIN M).

Immunoglobulin Gm Allotype

Hereditary allotypic markers associated with the heavy chain of IMMUNOGLOBULIN G.

Immunoglobulin Inv Allotype

Hereditary allotypic markers associated with the light chain of IMMUNOGLOBULIN G.