Hypoxic Brain Injury Definition


Hypoxic Brain Injury: A reduction in brain oxygen supply. Severe hypoxia is referred to as anoxia, and is a relatively common cause of injury to the central nervous system. Prolonged brain anoxia may lead to BRAIN DEATH or a PERSISTENT VEGETATIVE STATE. Histologically, this condition is characterized by neuronal loss which is most prominent in the HIPPOCAMPUS; GLOBUS PALLIDUS; CEREBELLUM; and inferior olives. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp1109-11)

Synonym: cerebral anoxia, brain anoxic injury, brain anoxia, anoxic encephalopathy, anoxic brain injury, anoxic brain damage, hypoxic encephalopathy, hypoxic brain damage, cerebral hypoxia, brain hypoxic injury, brain hypoxia.